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Munich, Germany

September 21 - October 4, 2020

OTORIO will be at the 2020 digiWiesn in full force. The Munich conference will take place during Germany's world famous Oktoberfest. Due to Covid-19 digiWiesn meetings will take place in smaller groups and on Zoom. Expect a mix of in person and virtual meetings - with excellent German food and beer in the background.

OTORIO's Markus Westphal will be meeting with industrial cybersecurity and operations professionals throughout the two week conference. Markus will be discussing:

  • How industry can proactively deal with the rise of industrial ransomware

  • From risk reduction to risk avoidance - securing OT networks

  • Why asset inventory is a fundamental on the operations floor

  • The importance of business impact assessment of digital production-floor risks

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About Our Speaker

Markus Westphal

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OTORIO delivers industrial-native digital and cyber risk management solutions, enabling reliable, safe and efficient digital production. OTORIO empowers secured-by-design roll-outs of industry 4.0 initiatives by making cyber-security risk-avoidance an integral part of the operational life cycle. By simplifying complex IT/OT security processes, OTORIO ensures industrial control systems security, with continuous management and remediation of digital and cyber risks based on their business impact, safety, reliability, and productivity.


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